Brogan + Callum – Packington Moore – Lichfield- Staffordshire

Oct 23, 2016 | Packington Moore, Wedding Photography

Callum is my little cousin. Well not so little anymore . He is taller than most doors and spends much of his time in the gym. He’s a wonderful young man, kind hearted with a daft sense of humours ( It runs in the family).I am so proud to call him family.  He met Brogan many years ago and was immediately smitten. On meeting Brogan you realise why. She is someone very special. Brogan is utterly beautiful both inside and outside and shares that daft sense of humour.

After booking Packington Moore Lichfield, Staffordshire.They asked me to photograph there wedding day and I was just delighted .

Photographing and attending a wedding as a guest  is not such an easy task for three reasons….

1.Finding an approriate wedding outfit that I am able to bend and stretch in without showing my underwear to the entire wedding party.

2. Not being able to chat too much with people as I am busy taking photographs.(I love chatting)

3. Staying sober ( Photographing , wine , and me are not a good combination)

So with on a rainy /showery/sunny/windy August day I watched my beautiful cousins marry in the St Marks Church Great Wryley. They then travelled in the back of Brogans dad Landrover ( that he had completely renovated himself ) and headed to Packington Moore.

Packington Moore looked amazing.  It was a real family affair. Brogans mom made the cake and all the tables were named after trees as Callum’s surname is WOOD. We laughed , we cried , we danced , I’m so proud of my family.  Here are a few photographs of the day. My cameras were put away by 8pm as I had broken all three reasons. Especially the drinking of wine. Congratulations to Callum & Brogan. xx