Business Photography Walsall

Jan 9, 2020 | Photography

Business Photography Walsall

I am delighted to now offer, business photography in Walsall.

Whether you are a new business,  building your website or revamping your online presence, I believe that every business should have professional photographs. No matter what industry you are selling, having professional photographs on your social media page and website will show your clients that you are professional and a serious business.

Why are Professional Photographs Important For Your Business?

There are many reasons why your business should have professional photographs, but here are my top 5.

1. Your Business is represented by every photograph that you post.

Providing professional photographs of your products and business has never been more important in todays competitive market . Every social media sight allows your customers access to your business visually. Customers quickly make a decision about you and the service that you offer, based on what you are posting on social media.Photographs play a huge part in their decision. Providing low quality, unprofessional photographs on your social media and websites will portray that your business is unprofessional and cheap. Customers buy with their eyes. I would suggest that you look through businesses in your local area online. It is easy to see which businesses are using professional photographs, which businesses are using unprofessional photographs and which businesses are using stock photography? If you were the customer, where would you spend your money?

2. Your competition.

What photographs are your competitors displaying on their website /social media platforms?  If your competitors are displaying professional photographs and your business isn’t, then I suggest that this is huge problem for your business. How would you feel as a customer if both businesses offered the same product and price. However one had professional photographs and the other had mobile or stock photos? Where would you spend your money? I would definitely choose the one with professional photographs. If  you or your competitors are not displaying professional photographs then I suggest that you take the lead and get your business photography booked in. You have to stay one step ahead for you business to stay successful.

3. Professional Photographs can drive traffic to your websites.

To have a successful website you need to drive customers (traffic) to your website. One great way to drive more customers to your website or social media accounts is to provide professional photographs that are fully optimised for your customers to search for you. So if a customer was searching for “Business photographer walsall . ” Google will give the customer businesses that match ” business photographer walsall.” The customer can then search images in google. If the photograph is optimised correctly, your professional photographs will appear. The customer will click on your professional photograph and it will lead them straight to your website. So think like a customer. The customer will be presented with thousands of photographs on their search. Why should the customer click on your photograph? What makes your photographs stand out from the crowd? If your photographs are not professional will your customer click on your competitors ?

4. Your business needs to be personal.

Running a business has to be an open book. Your customers have the right to know who they are handing their money over too. I work a lot within the wedding industry, and it is so busy with businesses opening and as quickly closing. We owe it to our customers to be transparent in what we do, to show them who we are and to show them that when we take their money we are not going anywhere. Providing professional business photographs of you, your business, your products and services will do just that.

Some businesses use stock photographs as they feel that a professional photographer may be too expensive.  They are really not the best way to sell your business. Why ? Because they are not photographs from your business, selling your products and services. If a  business is not displaying its own photographs with it’s own products and services on then what else are they hiding? If my wedding photography gallery was full of stock photos, photographs that I had not taken, how misleading would that be to my customers? Displaying photographs of you and your business builds trust for your customers.

5. Professional Photos Can Be Used For Any Marketing

Content is so important when promoting your business. Content is material that you can post on the internet. Professional Photographs are powerful content. You can use them on any online platform including, Facebook, twitter, Pin Interest , Linked In , Websites , Google , Twitter , Snap Chat to name just a few. Lastly, you can also use them off line for business promotional materials. Including business cards , display boards and brochures. Your professional business photographs are very versatile and key to showing off your professional business.

Invest in Professional Photography For Your Business NOW

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