Family Photographer Lichfield

Feb 7, 2020 | Photography

Family Photographer Lichfield

I really love when I get the time to photograph Families. It reminds me how important Family photography is. Our children change so quickly as they turn from little babies to independent toddlers. Then we blink and they are taller than us . I can only speak from experience, when I look back at the photographs that I have taken of my boys . ( As you can image there are hundreds ) I don’t remember those physical changes happening.

I love looking through my family portraits. Those photographs provoke so many happy memories for me. When my boys are adults, I hope they look through those photographs and are able to feel how much that they are loved. That is exactly what I want to achieve when I am photographing families.  I want my clients children ,when they are adults, to realise how much they were loved. I love my photographs to also be as natural as can be, which is how I like all my photographs to look and feel.

Lichfield Park , Family Photography.

I photograph families, all through the year. We are so lucky to have seasons and with each season they bring a totally different look for family portraits. Winter is as good as time as any for your family photographs.

On a very cold, foggy, December morning I met up in Lichfield Park with this lovely group of Mums and Dads. They are a group of friends that have gone through pregnancy and birth together. All of their little ones have turned one or are due to celebrate their first birthday and they wanted some photographs to cerebrate.

I had to work quickly, as the children were cold. I managed to get some wonderful family moments together. Here are a few of my favourite .

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