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Feb 12, 2019 | Photography

How to choose the right wedding photographer for your wedding.

If you are looking for Staffordshire wedding photography or for wedding photographer anywhere else then I have some tips that may just help you.  There are so many different wedding photographers, all have different styles and prices . It can be a very daunting task choosing the right wedding photographer for your wedding day. So here are some of my tips that may help you with your decision.

1 . Always choose a professional wedding photographer and invest in your photographs .

Now that may seem pretty obvious however Social media has led to an influx in people claiming to be professional photographers . There will be literally 100’s of photographers that want to shoot your wedding. All of them will have different price ranges and all will have very different styles. Wedding photography is like any other business. You do literally pay for what you get. Some photographers will charge you £250 and that’s ok. It may seem a good deal at the time to you. Please please look through their work and I am sure that it will speak for itself. Now take the time to look at photographers who charge over £1200. ( The average Uk wedding photography costs are over £1200) Hopefully you will see a huge difference in the quality of their work. Their is a reason why wedding photography is over £1200 and I may explain this in another blog post.

From my own person experience, hiring a professional photographer will be the best decision that you can make for your wedding day.  After your wedding day the most important thing for newly married couples is to look through their wedding photographs. Speak to anyone that has recently got married. You will look through those wedding photographs for years to come and so will your children and your grandchildren. If you don’t like your photographs you may never look through them and that’s really sad. How do I know, well I did’nt invest in mine and they are sat in a cupboard. I will write a blog about my own personal experience soon.  My one piece of advice would be don’t be the disappointed bride and groom invest in your wedding photography. If you have budget look at other ways to cut your costs. Photography is not a cost you should cut and really will be the most important part of your wedding (except for who you are marrying.)

2. Look through wedding photographers blogs

If I am honest anyone can get lucky with a good camera and take a good photo .  However to take consistently good photographs takes training and skill. It is so hard managing the ever changing light on a wedding and working quickly to capture everything. So when you are researching professional photographers online look at their website. Having only a  facebook page is just not acceptable in todays society. They are professional businesses and should have a professional website. On their websites you should see a section called “wedding blogs”  or “featured weddings ” This will display a section of full images from a wedding. You should be expected to see between 20-100 photographs. Looking through these photographs you should be looking for a consistent, good quality photographs that tell the story of that wedding day.  Can you see your wedding photographs looking like that ? Here is an example of one of my featured weddings that I photographed at Shustoke Farm Barns in Coleshill, Birmingham.

3. Meet them in person or SKYPE. It’s good to talk.

Meeting your photographer in person is not always possible. Many photographers work with clients all across the UK and abroad. SKYPE and FACETIME are a great way to catch up.  You can get to chat to them and find out about the person behind the camera, tell them about your plans and see if they are the right photographer for you. When you are choosing your photographer please remember you are going to be dealing with them before your wedding day, seeing them on your wedding day for 10+ hours. They will be seeing you when you are at your must vulnerable, maybe seeing you in your bridal underwear as you are getting changed and standing right at the front as you exchange your vows. In fact your photographer will be the wedding supplier that you will have the most contact with throughout your whole wedding. Even after your wedding day you may spend time designing your albums with your photographer, sharing your wedding photographs or even becoming friends with them. If you are comfortable with the photographer being around you then they will be able to get the best out of you for your wedding photographs .

4. Become a detective and research them on the internet.

Anyone can call themselves a professional photographer. There is no governing body that says we can’t. In fact in the photography world you can call yourself a professional photographer if photography is your only job. So if you run your own business and have another job you are classed as a photographer. It doesn’t matter if you are good at what you do or run an amazing professional wedding business. That’s why you need to do lots of research about your photographer.

Check out your photographers facebook page, their instagram, pin interest, blogs and twitter. Also make sure that you Google the company’s business name and the photographers name.  There may be some reviews on goggle or facebook and you will get a feeling of who they are and how they treat their clients . If they don’t have an online presents then I would be thinking why.

5. What is really included in your photography package

When you are considering your wedding photographer check what is actually included in your package. Are there any hidden costs such as travel expenses ? Some photographers may only provide you with 200 images and you may have to pay extra for the rest . Some photographers may even only give you images that you can only print 10×8 or are only useable for social media. Know exactly what you are getting.

The copyrights to print is extremely important for your wedding photographs and I believe that this should be included within your package. Not all photographers provide this. What is the copyrights to print? I hear you ask. Well the photographer will also own the photograph as they have created it. A bit like when an artist paints a picture. You then need the photographers permission to print that picture out. Without the copyrights to print you can not print that photograph and all your printing has to be done through the photographer. Once you have done your research, found out what is actually included in your package it is time to choose your wedding photographer. Happy wedding planning

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