Staffordshire Wedding Photography

Dec 16, 2019 | Photography

Staffordshire Wedding Photography

Although I offer Staffordshire wedding photography, this year I have been truly blessed to photograph weddings all around the UK.

There hasn’t been one wedding that I have not enjoyed nor one wedding I haven’t felt part of. I have been looked after, respected and cared for by all of my clients. They have fed me, watered me and even brought me gifts .For that I am truly grateful. In return I have committed myself to my Staffordshire wedding photography and to all of my couples.

I  put my heart and sole into each wedding day, working tirelessly, watching and waiting for some of the most beautiful tender moments that happen between human beings. I am privileged to of watched these moments unfold and to tell my couples story through creative, documentary, wedding photographs.

Spouting my own self worth, is something that I am not great at. Therefore I have not shared all of the positive feedback and comments that I have received from my clients. I promise to do this more often in the future.

Your feedback means so much to me, it really helps me focus. It reminds me why I do what I do and that I am on the right track. Thank you for taking the time to let everyone know about your wedding photography experience with me.

In 2019 I have worked really hard behind the scenes.  I invested in a whole new Sony camera set up and I had to learn how to use them. ( I switched from  Canon ) My verdict now is that my new Sony camera’s are just the best .

Lastly , I am really proud of all that I achieved in 2019.

Wedding Photography Staffordshire 2020

So for 2020 what does it have in stall for me?

I have the most amazing weddings booked in for 2020. Literally thinking about them, makes me want to do a dance. I am committed to developing my photography skills and making sure that I provide the best service that I can for my wedding clients.

Exciting news will be shared with you after the new year.  ( I am definitely NOT pregnant ) It will only add value to my photography and I can not wait to share.

In 2020 I will be offering more family and new born shoots so get your dates booked in.

I will also be trying something new and will be offering new commercial photography for existing and new businesses.

It really is a very exciting time ahead for me.

So firstly to all my brides and grooms that have booked me for 2020. I can not wait to hear about our wedding plans and I am excited to be part of your wedding day. I am ready and prepared to work hard for you.

For all my wedding parties from 2019. I am truly so thankful to you for giving me your trust. I wish you a wonderful Christmas, your first as husband and wife, wife and wife and groom and groom. Here are a few photographs from each of my weddings, it was difficult to chose. I hope you enjoy looking through them.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me through my business. Lastly I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

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