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Staffordshire Wedding Photographer.

So this is me. I am totally awkward in front of the camera and really dislike having my photograph taken. That must sound totally strange coming from a Staffordshire wedding photographer . However, having those feelings have really helped me with the way that I photograph people and approach weddings.

I am married to my very supportive bald husband (I will explain why I need to mention the bald head further on) I have been married for 15 delightful years. We live near Staffordshire with our cats and two sons who totally rock our world.

15 years ago I married in Cyprus. I made the ultimate mistake (not the marriage). We never met our wedding photographer until our actual wedding day.  We were getting married abroad, therefore we put our trust in the wedding co-ordinator and went with the photographer that she recommended.


Well our wedding day was perfect, romantic and I married my best friend. The photographs arrived the day we came home and we were left deflated. They were poor quality and grubby. To top it off the wedding photographer hadn’t cleaned his lens. He had a hair in his lens. This hair showed up on most of our wedding photographs perched perfectly on top of my husbands head. We laugh a lot about it now. At that very moment, I swore I would start my own photography company. I promised myself that I would never let any couples (who booked with me) feel like we felt, and Faye Ford Photography began.

Experienced Wedding Photographer

On my return to the UK as a married, pregnant woman (honeymoon baby). I enrolled at night school and studied BTEC Photography which I passed with a Distinction.  Three weeks later I gave birth to my first son and I launched my new photography business.


Since this time I have dedicated myself to Photography, attending some of the UK’S most prestigious wedding photographers courses.

I am proud and honoured to of photographed so many weddings over the last 14 years in business and I am blessed to of been able to build such great friendships from my couples. My greatest reward is when my customers reply with positive feedback. It truly is so rewarding.


So rewind back to our wedding day. Picture this . We are in love and haven’t seen each other for 6 hours . We are dying to catch up after the ceremony however the photographer had other ideas . The photographer got me to sit on a large rock and my husband had to get on his knees. My husband then had to bite my garter. At the time I remember thinking, AWKWARD. And guess how the picture looked? AWKWARD!

Now that picture is hidden in the deepest darkest place in our home. It never comes out, never!  In fact I’m confident that my family have never seen that wedding picture. We never look at it and when I do, I cringe. It represents nothing about our wedding day other than the awkward time we spent with our photographer.


I love photographs to look and feel natural. No awkward poses, no hours away with the photographer. Just real, raw, creative, documentary wedding photographs for you to be proud of. Photographs that capture those real moments as your wedding day explodes with emotions. The real laughter and banter between your guests, the real tears as you exchange your vows, the rollercoaster of emotions that you and your family will experience on your wedding day. Memories captured unobtrusively.


There are some important things you should know about me before you book.

I love food, everything except my husbands shepherd’s pie, liver and Aubergine.

I adore dancing and singing and at times you may find me bopping away. ( My singing really is the worst.)

I adore travelling and spent several years working in Spain. My dream is to retire in the sun and I also own a small independent travel agency.

I love Sunshine and it makes me dance more.

I am a bit of a joker, laughing and enjoying life is so important to me.

Other than my family and photography my other love is for people. I care immensley about people and that’s why I love photographing them. How people feel is so important to me and I work tirelessly to provide all of my clients with a professional service.

I am very friendly, I love chatting and would love to hear about your wedding plans. Pop by and say Hello!


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