This moment is your brides moment ……

Apr 2, 2018 | Birmingham, Destination Wedding Photography, Moxhull Hall, Photography, Wedding Photography


Dearest Bridesmaids

My job as a wedding reportage photographer is to watch and capture what really happens at a wedding. I’ve learnt so much over the years from watching and documenting wedding days. I’ve been right in the thick of it, having the best view in the house so its only fair that I pass on my experience to you to help you be that perfect bridesmaid. So if you are a virgin bridesmaid or you have had a fair run of being a bridesmaid I have some friendly advice for you. Here are my top 5 pieces of advice to help you during the bridal preparations on the morning of the wedding day.

The wedding day is not about you.

Now please don’t take that the wrong way, but your priority is to look after your bride. That might seem obvious but unfortunately that is not always the case. Your bride chose you to be her bridesmaid because she loves you, because you have had her back and she intends you to be part of her married life. When she chose you to be her bridesmaid it was the easiest decision she has ever made. She probably knew you would be her bridesmaids before she even got engaged. Please remember that! Of course you need to look hot too. But get dressed before your bride, get your shoes on, make sure your hair is in place and you are ready to go before she gets into her wedding dress. The minute that wedding dress goes on, its all eyes on your bride.  She will need you at that moment like no other. Be their .I’ve experienced bridesmaids not helping with the wedding dress as they are worrying about how they look. I’ve seen bridesmaids hogging brides mirrors, bothering the hairdresser as they are working on the bride and ignoring the most magical and special moment that they may go through with their friendship. Once the wedding dress goes on, please stand back, soak up that moment and remember …..this is the brides moment.

If you have a problem don’t ask the bride.

If you have a hole in your tights, or your nail comes off. If your husband is stressing you out because he has fed your child chocolate for breakfast and he can’t find anything to wear (Although its laid out for him on the bed). If your hair isn’t sitting right or boobs are popping out of your bridesmaids dress. No matter how small or large the problem may be for you, please don’t burden the bride with it. No matter how close you are, on her wedding day she does not want to listen to your problems.  Please remember that this moment is your brides moment.

Put your mobile phones away.

Hopefully your bride has booked an awesome wedding photographer. There is no need to be on your phone constantly. Experience the moments and the excitement of the day. Don’t post anything on social media without your brides permission. Even if its a photograph of you. I have been at a wedding whereby one of the bridesmaids was super helpful. Helping the bride get into her wedding dress, helping all the little flower girls get ready. The other bridesmaid spent 45 minutes taking selfies. She missed out on so much, an experience she will never go through again. Join in, help, put the garter on, help with the underwear, pour wine, be useful. Remember that this moment is your brides moment.

What the bride wants the bride gets.

Through your bridesmaids journey, your bride may have experienced one or two bridezilla moments and you may have taken the brunt of this. There may of been times that your patience has been tested but remember that she has been under a lot of pressure. She has poured her heart and soul into making this her perfect wedding day. If on her wedding day she wants pink champagne, then get her pink champagne. What she wants, get it for her if. If she is doing a Maria Carey , then appease her.  She will remember it and be forever grateful to you.

Bring the party. 

No matter what your bride tells you on her wedding day, she will be nervous. She will be on a emotional rollercoaster as she is preparing to walk down the aisle.  To distract her play her her favourite music, make her laugh, pour the drinks, make sure she eats, dance, take the stickers off her shoes, tidy up, laugh about the olden days, hug her, have fun and don’t forget if she looks beautiful tell her. Distract her from all those worries thats she may have, shield her from anyone who tries to present her with a problem. Be her wonder woman after all she deserves to have the best day ever.


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