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Wedding Photography CovidIf I could describe 2020 in one word, I think “bonkers “ sums it up perfectly . 

When 2020 arrived, I was so excited for my weddings. It happens every January. I go through my diary and double check every booking and  get excited for the year ahead. 2020 was going to be one of the busiest years for me. Most of my couples book me years in advance, so when their wedding year arrives I get so excited. I can’t help it, even after all this time. I think about how excited my couples must be and it makes me want to pop. So much planning and hope goes into a wedding day and I genuinely look forward to their wedding day updates.

My wedding season started in February 2020 and luckily at the beautiful Moxhull Hall. I had no idea that it would be a long time that weddings would be feel like this. I wished I’d of known. I would off started work at sunrise, hugged everyone tighter, stayed until the last guest left and danced my feet off. 

Days before one of my couples wedding, the lockdown news hit. Their wedding venue was shut down and they had all their dreams squashed, I cant imagine how they felt. All that excitement, years of planning and now they have no idea when they will actually get married. Pre lockdown the thought of a wedding being cancelled or postponed is unheard of. One by one each booked wedding was faced with this decision. Weddings were reschedule to a new date and new plans were made. Each couple facing heartbreaking decisions.

Back in March, I was really naive. I thought that this would be over by the summer. I thought there is no way that this mess will be continuing longer than 4 months. Some of my clients felt the same and some held onto their wedding dates. The summer past and it felt like things were improving. Hope returned to some couples and they changed their weddings to fit the restrictions. In September I was so lucky to photograph a wedding at Moxhull Hall again. 30 wonderful people, socially distanced had the best day ever. My heart was full photographing this wedding day. Photographing this wedding made me realise how much I need photography and weddings in my life. Photography keeps me creative , keeps my brain ticking over and really gives me a focus.

Weeks later we were faced with another lockdown and one by one,  my winter wedding couples had to cancel or postpone their wedding day. My heart was heavy for every single one of them. 

I have shot only four weddings this year. One pre lockdown and three with COVID restrictions in place. Most couples have rescheduled their wedding dates and some are on their third wedding date. It hurts me that they have had to go through this tough time , dealing with stress when it should be the most happy time of their lives. 

Wedding Photography 2020

As well as those couples getting married, Covid has had a huge impact on my business and all of those businesses within the wedding industry. Most of us are small family businesses, earning money to pay our bills. We are not huge corporations, we are mainly sole traders that are responsible for every part of our business. Marketing, book keeping and administration to name just a few of our many talents. All of these take our time and are part and parcel of running our own business. These parts of our business have not gone away and neither have our bills. The wedding industry has lost a whole years wage. Unfortunately our bills have not been lost with the work. 

If I am honest, It’s has really been a tough year for my business. Although very tough, it has not been the most challenging year for me. 8 years ago during the height of wedding season my mom was admitted into a hospice for her end of life care. I attended around 5 weddings during that time. Each wedding I carried the burden that my mom might pass away whilst I was photographing their wedding. After the wedding day,I would attend the hospice, holding my mothers hand as I watched her slowly fade away.

During this difficult time I was faced with the decision to cancel my weddings, but I couldn’t. I was committed to my couples and I am sure if you asked them now they would say that they had no idea that I was dealing with this. I’d spoke with my mom about it and she was in an agreement that I must photograph the weddings. When I commit to something I put my heart and sole into it. I have found it difficult with the COVID weddings to accept a back up plan should I have to quarantine. I mean, if I had to quarantine it really would off broke my heart , but that decision would of been taken out of my hands. Luckily I have not had to face this decision but has been a stress every wedding vendor has had to face . 

Wedding Photography Covid

Sadly my mom passed away. I was by her side and had a whole month where I had no weddings booked in. Knowing my mom, if any of it was her choice. She would off timed it knowing this. She was selfless to the end. 

I know that was a little heavy, but I guess what I am trying to say that yes it has been tough year but we are still here. I am going nowhere. I have a diary full of weddings for next and I carry hope in my heart that weddings will return. I feel so grateful that my business is in this position as there are a lot of businesses that will not make it out on the other side. 

How can you support small businesses without it costing you anything? It’s really really simple…. 

Like and share their social media posts. 

Recommend them to friends and family 

Leave a google and facebook review. 

We need your support more than ever. Thank you to all of those that continue to support me. Do you know that 80% of my work comes from recommendation. I must be doing something right ! 

2021 Wedding Bookings

So to all of my 2021 bookings. In January I will still be getting excited for your wedding day. Please keep me updated with your plans. If you are looking at postponing, contact me as soon as you can to make sure I am free. 

Weddings will look differently in 2021. Don’t get me wrong weddings have always been great, but imagine how up for celebrating your guests are going to be now. To add to that excitement, your wedding venues, your make up artists , your bands and most definitely your photographer will bursting to give you the best wedding day ever .With the new found gratitude and appreciation covid has hopefully taught us, I have hope that weddings in 2021 will be just spectacular. I have hope in my heart. Thanks for reading and your continued support. 

2020 has been difficult for everyone in different ways . If you need support please reach out.

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